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Anti trackback and analysis spam methods - spam-blocker


What is spam ?

Spam is text or URL, in one or numerous exemplars, neither being waited nor wished, not having, neither absolutely nor from its shipper, no bond neither with the recipient nor with a possible
resource connected to the recipient.

How does spam appears in blogs ?

  • Through the comments' body and commentator's URL.
  • Through trackbacks' extract and permalink's URL

What are the anti-spam methods?

  • Authentication by connection
  • Black List
  • Bayesian Filter

Other methods to decrease spam :

  • Time Distance concerning submissions / Digit of submissions per hour.
  • DDD.
  • Secure Form Mode : force page and submission to be manual.
  • Rank Denunciation : Directs hyperlinks an conciliator server.
  • Autoclose after N days: entry stops compliant commentary or trackbacks.

Which data are analyzed by these methods ?

    Active methods do examine the hauler to check if it's:
  • a spamer by coparing its IP adopt with blacklisted ones.
  • authoritative by authentication
  • a human by CAPTCHA
    Passive methods do evaluate :
  • comment's data:
    • nickname
    • eMail address
    • URL
    • message
  • trackback's data (concerning the shipping blog):
    • blog's name
    • entry's title
    • entry's excerpt
    • permalink's URL

What are the limits to these methods ?

Cross use of a number of of these methods allows exceptional domino effect about comments, but weak consequences as to trackbakcs.
Difference among clarification and trackbacks is that clarification are sent from the recipient's blog, which allosw all above methods to be used, but trackbacks are sent from the shipping blog (this avoids the use and need of 2 interfaces).
- So it's not likely to use CAPTCHA, certification and Confident Form Mode methods with trackbacks.
- An added big problem, when all the trackback's data are unknown, in particular the IP address, it is quite difficult to avoid spam, above all since the blacklist and the bayesian filter are apt inefficient.
- Last inconvenient, trackback autodiscovery is usefull for bookmarklets but also to spamers to who it gives the trackback URL.

Glimpse on futures anti-trackback-spam methods

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