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Microsoft scores one for the good guys

Scott Richter, the self-proclaimed "Spam King," just can't seem to get a sufficient amount attention. Admittedly conscientious for carriage accurately billions of Unsolicited Business Email mail (UCE), Richter made headlines again a moment ago when his spam-fed cash cow, OptInRealBig. com, filed for liquidation defense in U. S. central court in his home state of Colorado. According to Richter's priest (who is also his attorney), "It's the legal fees that are mauling the company. OptIn is profitable but for these lawsuits. "

At the time of its insolvency filing, OptInRealBig. com claimed assets of less than $10 million and liabilities of over $50 million. Richter claimed his business made $15 million a year carriage more than 15 million email e-mail per day. However, in 2003, OptInRealBig was dealt a authoritative 1-2 punch from Microsoft and Eliot Spitzer, the Attorney Common of New York; both sued Richter under local state anti spam laws. Even though the New York case was complete out of court last year, Richter has had no such luck big business with Microsoft, whose claims top $19 million.

A Case of International Amnesia?

Richter's band and others like it marketplace crop ranging from diet pills to pornography. He's also been accused of using spam to dig out own in a row from unsuspecting recipients. For instance, one alleged design hatched by Richter and his acquaintances promised recipients a copy of a "Girls Gone Wild" DVD if the recipient registered on a website. The registration in rank was then used to barrage the recipient with more and more spam.

Richter contends that his methods are all legal, and that he's just a consistent guy frustrating to do right by the world; he's even gone so far as to claim that he's a "victim" of overzealous anti spam companies and prosecutors. "We don't spam," explained Richter in an Eminent 2004 PC World interview. "The chief catch is when citizens get an email that they think they didn't sign up for or don't commit to memory signing up for, and they call it spam. "

To hear Richter tell it, tens of millions of citizens austerely forgot that they had before asked to catch his messages. According to the state of New York, however, he anecdotal description in order and used deceiving routing and area buy practices in order to get his e-mail through. The claim also accused Richter of using a complex of approximately 500 "zombie" computers to send his messages. When asked how so many users could have subscribed and not bear in mind doing so, Richter claimed the signups must have been via everyday "partners of our partners" web sites, the names of which slipped his mind.

Not Just an Online Threat

Evidently not contented with stealing bandwidth, Richter also shows a inclination for heavy equipment. In an unrelated 2003 case, he was put on trial after demanding guilty to a crime accuse of getting stolen items worth more than $10,000. According to court records, an informant's tip about a stolen Bobcat loader led covertly officers to Richter. Over the avenue of 13 months, the officers proceeded to air strike deals with him for a Honda generator, hundreds of cases of cigarettes, three central processing unit computers and other items, all obtainable at suspiciously low prices and purchased in some of Denver's seediest neighborhoods. In add-on to probation, Richter was also planned to pay $38,000 in amends for the stolen goods.

Despite his guilty plea, Richter maintains his innocence, aphorism he pleaded guilty to the criminal act charges as it was "easier to be done with it," and he had "too much stuff going on in my life. "

What's Next for Scott Richter?

The 5-year-old OptInRealBig. com, which employed 25 ancestors last year and had 350 clients, will go on to activate under Part 11 economic failure protection. While the liquidation filing shows the power of legislation and legal battle from parties with a vested appeal in stopping spam, Richter is not possible to fade gently into the sunset. Under Episode 11 insolvency laws, the business must adhere to a court-supervised "debt rehabilitation" plan to pay off creditors, but is not mandatory to alter its commerce practices. None of OptInRealBig's assets will be liquidated, gist the company's club of spam cannons will continue active. The base line: Scott Richter will not be necessary to stop carriage UCE in the burning future, pending ongoing legal action deliberate to ascertain faithfully what spam is in legal terms. In the meantime, the best cover adjacent to spam is a all-embracing gateway answer that will guard anti all conduct of email threats, chiefly spammers like Scott Richter.

Dr. Paul Judge is a noted scholar and entrepreneur. He is Chief Equipment Administrator at CipherTrust, the industry's chief donor of project email security. The company's flagship product, IronMail provides a best of breed enterprise anti spam solution calculated to stop spam, phishing attacks and other email-based threats. Learn more by visiting http://www. ciphertrust. com/products/spam_and_fraud_protection/ today.


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