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Attractive the war on spam - spam-blocker


For years I didn't worry much about spam.

But lately it's got out of control. Over half of my email is now spam, and it was budding by the week - until I took action.

This commentary shows you some strategies for appealing the war on spam.


How Do They Get Your Address?


In the old days, spammers got their addresses above all from Newsgroups - if you didn't post to Newsgroups, you were reasonably safe. But they're now using a much more efficient approach to build their lists - email harvesters.

Email harvesters are robots that roam the Internet collecting email addresses from web pages. Examples are EmailSiphon, Pink Picker, Web Weasel, Web Brigand and Email Wolf, to name just a few.

How can you guard by hand from email harvesters?

By 'munging' (mung = 'mash until no good') or cloaking your email address.

There are many ways of munging your deal with - the easiest technique is to use ASCII code for the punctuation in your email adopt (instead of symbols).

For the colon after mailto use : and for the @ symbol use @ and for the episode use . . With this method, your email attend to would become:

mailto:yourname@yourdomain. com

but it will ceremony as:

mailto:yourname@yourdomain. com

Your email attend to will arrive on the scene closely as it did before, and it will still be 'clickable', but email harvesters will ignore it and move on.

There are also JavaScript's that you can addition into your web page that will make your email adopt detectable to humans but hidden to harvesting programs. Here's one that works very well: http://pointlessprocess. com/JavaScripts/anti-spam. htm


How To Fight Spam


The most critical thing is never, ever, reply to spam.

Most spam contains an innocent-looking 'remove me' email address. Do not use it. Here's why:

Spammers typically buy a CD containing a million or so email addresses, but they have no idea how many of those addresses are active. So beforehand commencement their marketing campaign in earnest, they send out a 'test message' to the entire list.

The test letter contains an email attend to for removing yourself. When you reply to that address, it confirms to the spammer that your concentrate on is energetic and consequently worth spamming.

Worse still, the spammer may be distilling from that CD a list of definite dynamic addresses that he will then sell to a further spammer.

The key to commerce with spam is to arrive it to a 3rd party: (1) the colleague agenda that the spammer is advertising, (2) the spammer's web host, or (3) the ISP the spammer used to associate to the Internet.

When you article spam to a 3rd party, bear in mind to be polite - they didn't send the spam and they're almost certainly just as anti-spam as you are.

(1) Coverage to Belong to Programs

Many spammers are affiliates publicity a celebrity else's products or services. So look for a website adopt that contains an belong to link, a bit like this: www. affiliateprogramdomain/841526

Then just send an email to the colleague program (abuse@affiliateprogramdomain. com), informing them that you are getting spam from one of their affiliates.

Most belong to programs have zero tolerance for spamming and will cut off an associate spammer lacking warning.

Now, associate spammers don't want you to see their affiliate link, so many of them send their email as HTML. All you see in the implication are the words 'Click Here and Order Now'.

But in your browser just click on 'View Find Code' and search for the correspondence 'http'. That will take you to the spammer's associate link.

(2) Treatment to Web Hosts

If the spam doesn't control an associate link, it's likely that it is appearance from the owner of the province name. In that case you'll have to article it to the spammer's web host or their ISP.

To make a arrive to the spammer's web host just go to Whois, the encyclopedia of registered field names: http://www. netsol. com/cgi-bin/whois/whois

Type in the spammer's area (the website attend to that appears in the spam) as one with the augmentation (. com, . org, . net etc).

The host for that area will commonly be planned as the Technical Acquaintance in the Whois album and there will be an email attend to for contacting them.

(3) Coverage to ISPs

To account a spammer to his Internet Benefit Provider, you'll have to look at the spam's 'extended headers'.

Extended headers show the servers that the implication passed through in order to get to you. The directives for viewing absolute headers will vary depending on what email client you are using.

=> In Pegasus Mail, open the offending letter and then

right-click and elect 'Show raw idea data'.

=> In Eudora Light, click on 'Tools' in the top menu

bar, and then 'Options', and then decide on the

checkbox decision that says 'Show all headers (even

the ugly ones)' and click OK.

=> In Outlook Express, open the offending message,

select 'Properties' from the File menu and then

click the 'Details' tab.

Reading and appreciation complete headers is quite a detailed subject. Here's an first-rate free tutorial on how to crack complete headers: http://www. doughnut. demon. co. uk/SpamTracking101. html

As an complementary to these coverage techniques, you could use a web-based spam coverage assistance such as SpamCop (www. spamcop. net). SpamCop deciphers the spam's message headers and traces the mail back to its source.

Wishing you every accomplishment in the fight adjacent to spam!

Michael Southon has been inscription for the Internet for over 3
years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this
simple performance to build a booming online business. Click
here to find out more: http://ezine-writer. com/


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