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Lockspam free 3.0 released! - spam-blocker


6 August, 2004: Polesoft Inc. , home of Expert anti spam software, announced today that Lockspam Free 3. 0 (see also Lockspam Pro 3. 0 in the end) is now available.

Some facial appearance of Lockspam Free 3. 0 antispam software:

1. Act with Most POP3 Mail Clients Lockspam Free 3. 0 can work with mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail, Mozilla, Pegasus Mail, The Bat!, Foxmail, i. Scribe and many other mail clients.

2. Aid Multi-User Mode Lockspam also assist multi-user OS, like Windows XP, establish once, works for all.

3. Apply Cutting edge Filtering Rules Lockspam Free 3. 0 has a 6-step filtering course of action for probable spam messages. Allowed List > Permitted Keywords > Blocked List > Blocked Keywords > Polesoft Confidence Pack > heuristic Polesoft Anti-spam Engine.

a) User definable Allowed/Blocked Keywords In accumulation to the clever lists controlled in Lockspam Free 3. 0 and reorganized daily.

b) Polesoft Confidence Pack More and more emails control viruses. To combat this emergent challenge Polesoft have made existing the Guarantee Pack. The Collateral Pack contains configuration files of contemporary virus attachments and those scanned by Anti-Virus products. If any attachment matches the archetype files the idea is regarded as spam and sent to the Polesoft Antispam folder.

c) Polesoft Antispam Engine Polesoft Antispam Engine is based on Bayesian filtering and heuristically learns users' preferences and follows their logic in differentiating spam and customary mails.

Polesoft Deeds Arrangement Recognition* and Polesoft Receiver Black List (BBL)* are core technologies that can be functional and efficient only wth registered copy of Lockspam Pro.

4. Inevitably Scan Incoming Mails Lockspam Free 3. 0 starts to work and deals with incoming mails automatically.

5. By design Import Commerce Lists Right after installation, Lockspam Import Wizard will fetch all your commerce lists from Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

6. By design Check for Updates Lockspam will check for updates automatically, thus ensuring your mail box is equipped alongside the most up-to-date spam.

7. Free and Common Updates For Free users, updates for these air force are available:

a) Polesoft Confidence Pack, which can by a long way spot and quarantine virus spam.

b) Polesoft heuristic Anti-spam Engine.

For Lockspam Pro users, there are two more available:

a) Daily reorganized Recipient Black List (BBL).

b) New Add-in Installation Correspondence for Outlook and Outlook Express

8. Weed Out Spam in East Asian Languages Polesoft Anti-spam Engine can by far analyse the comfort of emails in East Asian languages, as well as English.

9. Education Lockspam Is Easy Lockspam is easy to teach. By Blocking spam and Unblocking chaste mails, Lockspam will learn your preferences and judge mails in line with your logic.

10. Looking for Probable Spam Is Easy

a) Emails identified as spam are stored in the obliterate folder.

b) Emails identified as probable spam are stored in the Polesoft Antispam folder with [Polesoft Antispam] added to the area of interest line.

Lockspam Free 3. 0 is existing in a full featured 14 day evaluation account from the Polesoft site. To learn more about the differences amid Lockspam Free description and Lockspam Pro version, desire visit Lockspam Edition Comparisons http://www. polesoft. com/product_lockspam37. html .

To summarize, Lockspam Free Edition 3. 0 answers the urgent need for safe anti spam software on the desktop. Lockspam Free 3. 0 can bring up to date to Lockspam Pro 3. 0 ($29. 95) and will carry on to be given free updates for the days of the effect ensuring that your mailbox is all the time safe from spam.

The CEO of Polesoft, Lytton Liou said, "We hope our patent-pending knowledge will help to bring back the ease candor of communicating because of the internet devoid of the irritation and timewasting caused by the spammers".

Safety ought to be the key ingredient as regards spam issue. Polesoft, your safe antispam way.


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